CTA is hosting a FREE webinar series on social media which aims to help members get the most out of social media campaigns. If you’re a novice to using social media as part of your marketing and sales, or a veteran with the battle scars to prove it, you will certainly all learn something.

The courses will be delivered by Cariad Marketing’s Justine Perry who was one of the speakers at our 2019 Conference and is an expert on social media campaigns and who has worked with travel brands throughout

her career, and her specialist areas of marketing are social media and SEO.

The first session, Making the most of Facebook, takes place on Thursday 16 July from 2pm-4pm on Zoom, and will be followed by a session on Instagram on Thursday 30 July at the same time.

The first session will be a two-hour zoom training event which will ensure that post COVID-19, your Facebook

Company Page is up to date, optimised and ready to generate bookings.

During this session you will learn the tools to become a smart and capable player on the Facebook stage. When you’re done, you’ll be able to create a powerful social media execution strategy and understand the ‘why, when and how’ of managing your Facebook Company Page.

Please register for the webinars here