Sheringham Chamber of Trade in North Norfolk wants to hear from coach operators to establish how many coach tour companies are planning to operate excursions to the area in the coming three months. This relates to a recent decision to change coach parking bays in the main car park into car parking bays, as the local authority believed there would be no coach demand for some time.

However, the Chamber of Trade has been lobbied by Diane Richmond, Richmond’s Coaches, as they plan to operate a tour in early August and the organisation is now keen to hear if other tour operators may be dissuaded from visiting if they think parking may be a problem.

In order to help argue for the return of the coach facility, the Chamber of Trade would like to collect the following from operators planning to visit Sheringham:

-Name and contact number of coach/tour operator that plans to visit Sheringham

-Date or Dates of visits planned

-Number of coaches and/or visitors expected for each visit

Please contact John Roseby direct at

 The press release from North Norfolk District Council regarding the suspension of coach parking is available here.