Lots of travel writers join coach tours each year and write about their experiences.

So what makes journalists like going on coach trips?

Organised group trips take most of the worry out of holidays. All you do is show up at the right place, bung your bags on the coach and that’s it. Someone else shoulders responsibility for almost everything else. And there is an enormous plus: it comes with built-in company.
Anthony Peregrine, Daily Telegraph
One of the best things about a coach tour is you actually get enough time to savour the adventure and enjoy the discovery, nostalgia and romance that’s the reward of travel. Unlike holidaying by air, coach operators treat you like human beings and you don’t have to worry, queue, walk through security in your socks, sit with your knees under your chin or get a bill for forty quid for having luggage a few lbs too heavy.
Norman Wight, Editor of Choice magazine
The tour was cosy, convivial and communal. My fellow passengers may be well over 60 but they are game, lively and also well travelled.
Steve McClarence, Daily Telegraph
There are plenty of advantages to travelling by coach. You get to know your fellow passengers and can sit back, relax and enjoy the passing scenery. No worries about map reading or driving and when you reach your destination there are no parking problems. Besides that, your luggage is looked after. What more could anyone want from a holiday? Coach travel is absolutely not only for the elderly, I would recommend it to anyone.
Gilly Pickup, Freelance travel writer


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